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Winter Wonder

Winter is well and truly here as I type this, looking out of the office window I am greeted by the sight of a wonderful winter wonderland with every square inch covered in sparkling white snow. This all looks beautiful of course but with every blade of grass completely hidden under snow and not a single leaf to be seen consider bringing the outdoors in with some wonderful seasonal flowers and plants.

I personally love using seasonal flowers and foliages for maximum impact and because the flowers are seasonal you get a much longer vase life with them to keep your home bright and cheerful.

As we are now only a few weeks from Christmas I am championing the fabulous Amaryllis or “Hiipeastrum” to give it its correct Latin name. These are so easy to grow from a bulb, plant one in a  pot and watch the lime green shoot turn into a wonderful hollow stem which will seem to grow before your eyes! At some stage you will need to stake the stem as the flower head develops so that the stem doesn’t snap. And a boring old green stick doesn’t have to be the only option, consider using lovely branches out of your garden or from a local florist that have been covered with lichen moss for an elegant natural look or for full on glamour use birch twigs that have been glittered in a myriad of colours. Any good local florist will supply these at this time of year.

Of course, for those that prefer an instant option, amaryllis can be easily bought from your local florist as ready cut stems which you can take home and arrange in vases. When buying look for flowers with bright green stems and large, well formed buds that are showing a hint of colour. When you get them home cut an inch off the bottom of each stem with sharp scissors or a knife and then insert a green stick or a slim bamboo stick into the hollow stem. This ensures that the stem won’t snap as the flower heads develop. Amaryllis look fantastic arranged simply with minimal foliage and should last you a good 7 – 10 days depending upon where you place them at home.

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