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A florist’s eye view of a fashion photoshoot

Working as an event florist calls for arrangements that work from every angle. But floral styling for a photo shoot? For a change, it’s just what the camera sees…

Recently I was asked to style the flowers for a fashion shoot for the brilliant Sunday Mirror Notebook magazine.

I was lucky enough to be the wedding florist for its fashion editor, Carly Stevens, when she got married in London a few years ago.

And she thought of me when she needed a floral designer for a fashion photoshoot. It seemed doubly fitting that it was for a range of floral dresses perfect for wearing to weddings!

The brief

The shoot was to profile the store BHS’ floral range – ideas of outfits to wear for summer weddings and smart events. To reflect the theme, Carly wanted the model – a would-be wedding guest – to appear against a gorgeous background of flowers.

Using luscious, abundant blooms like hydrangea, roses and peonies (and good quality silk flowers), we had an hour to decorate the set while hairstylist Jason Crozier, make-up artist Camilla Hewitt and Carly perfected model Ainara’s look.

The location

Looking at the end result, out in the Sunday Mirror magazine in April, you’d think we spent the day at a country house.

But we actually worked in East London’s Shoreditch Studios, a giant 3,500 sq ft space incorporating railway arches with Victorian exposed brickwork.

With different textured sets to choose from, Shoreditch Studios is essentially a ‘blank canvas’ for photographers and stylists to work their magic.

We were in a 4m x 4m square set containing vintage furniture, panelled walls and a fireplace but the photos were cleverly shot, lit and styled to make it look like a much larger area.

The photos

Event florists and wedding florists will know that it’s about designing arrangements that look amazing from multiple angles.

So with floral styling and design for editorial and photoshoots it’s refreshing to pour all your energy into one camera angle at a time.

And the images appeared immediately on photographer Dan Williams‘ laptop, so we saw what was working – and what wasn’t.Flower Power Photo2

That meant we could scatter rose petals and generally move, tweak and distress the arrangements to get an abundant, relaxed look for that precise shot.

I’d be a little horrified to see my floral design for a real-life wedding being pulled apart like this. But on this shoot, it was great fun! And the gorgeous end result was worth it.

Floral styling and floral design

I’m available for all kinds of floral styling and design on editorial as well as advertising photoshoots or campaigns.

Give me a call on 01322 558016 or email for a chat.

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