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What about a Keepsake Bouquet?

Many brides ask us about the best way to preserve their bouquet once the big day is over.  We can, of course, refer you to trusted contacts who offer professional drying and preservation services, but all too often the results can be disappointing if the bouquet isn’t in tip-top condition.  Let’s face it, no bouquet is likely to withstand being thrown to the bridesmaids without a little bit of wear and tear.  What looks like just a couple of bruised petals and some slightly droopy foliage at the end of your celebrations can really suck the life out of the bouquet once it’s dried.

Our recommendation? Why not order a Keepsake Bouquet that includes all your favourite blooms and have it sent direct to the professionals to be preserved in all its glory.  It will be in perfect condition for drying and will capture the essence of the gorgeous flowers on the day – a beautiful keepsake for the future.

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