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Gorgeous Spring Bouquet

Wedding Fever

April was a very busy month for all of us here.

Flowers for corporate events were flying out the door on an almost daily basis and wedding consultations were coming in thick and fast, and many of the requests were for next year already!

Our foray into Wiltshire was a wonderful weekend and upon our return we had to create and install 11 events in one week – the vans were only at the studio long enough to be unloaded and reloaded and off they would go again.  That particular week was a long and tiring one for all, but all the events looked wonderful and great comments were given by all the clients.  It really is true that you are only as fab as your last job and I remember that on each and every event that we install no matter how large or small.

Of course, unless you have been living under a rock for the last year you can’t have failed to notice that the country was gripped with Royal Wedding fever for the last week of April.  I am privileged to know, and have worked for, the florist who was commissioned to create the wonderful floral displays that were admired world wide at Westminster Abbey as well as the long awaited wedding bouquet which would be seen by millions of people, and I knew that he wouldn’t disappoint!

Our company was commissioned to create some stunning floral designs for a very, very special party which was held at The Mandarin Oriental hotel, Hyde Park,  the night before the fabulous wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took place.  It was a very long couple of days for us and I made sure that every single flower and stem of foliage that we were to use was perfect.  A gorgeous and elegant pallet of white and green had been chosen for the event.  We sourced branches of English Sorbus, Beech and Birch to act as a beautiful backdrop to the flowers which included English Roses, trailing sweet peas, abundant scented peonies, Solomons Seal, lime green guelder rose and masses of English grown scented narcissus.  We had a lot of fun creating the designs, one of which was 15ft tall! and were proud and felt very privileged to be included in such a wonderful and one off event.

Even though we didn’t finish clearing up from that event until 2am I still managed to drag myself out of bed on that Friday morning at 7am to make sure I was in front of the TV to watch the brilliant wedding spectacle unfold.

It was back to business as usual on the Saturday as I had signed us up to exhibit at the Wedding Show which was to be held at Detling, Kent.  We spent late Saturday afternoon installing the floral designs that were created onto the stand all ready for the Sunday.  The marquee at Detling which was to host the wedding fair was huge – I only wish I had the marquee to decorate! a 12ft stand is never enough for me!  As you can imagine, with Royal Wedding fever still fresh in the minds of many brides our stand was decorated with masses of white and green flowers with lots of silver vases and candelabra and candlesticks acting as a backdrop.  The scent was gorgeous and it is testament to our fabulous quality as practically everybody who stopped at our stand to admire the work all thought that the flowers were silk – they were that perfect!

The day was a huge success and we look forward to working with all our new clients that have taken the time to book their wedding flowers with us.

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