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Karen Woolven Flowers a romantic archway

Vintage or Classic? Quirky or Old-fashioned romantic? What kind of venue are you?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so we couldn’t wait to share some ideas for decorating your venue. From romantic restaurant meals, to Valentine’s day-themed point-of-sale displays, flowers really are the language of love. 

What story do you want to tell this Valentine’s day?

Eyes meeting across a room? A brief encounter over a coffee or a relaxing afternoon reading your favourite romance curled up by a fire? Of course it’s not just about the big day itself, what could be better than a little floral nudge to remind busy customers to make time for a romantic outing with their loved one?


Our favourite venues make sure that they are at their romantic best from early February, ready to capture the hearts of romantic couples looking for a place to share a meal, pop the question or even start planning their wedding.

From formal floral displays to charming little romantic touches, there are myriad ways to let flowers do the talking for you. And I know we’ve said it before, but a sweeping staircase is just crying out to be transformed into a cascade of pure romance.  And these table centres are ready to go, pure romance and no sign of the oft over-used red, red rose. I want to share my story of Ventolin use. In short, it has saved my life. I had an acute asthma attack right in the street. I smelled some ugly perfumes and just couldn’t breathe. I don’t know if I were still alive if I didn’t have this drug with me. Thank God, such life-saving medicines can be bought at any pharmacy.

From table centres to window displays, sweeping staircases to formal bouquets, it’s time to book your Valentine’s Day displays, call us on 0208 858 1112

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