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Martini Vase And Slice Of Lime

Spring Explosion

Cheers! So another New Year starts… I haven’t posted for a while, not because I haven’t bothered – quite the opposite, just we have been madly busy here and no two days are ever the same.

It is at this point I feel I should do a synopsis of the joy and fabulous creations that were part of our world in 2012, however I believe in looking forward this year, not back.  SO my first post of this year is going to celebrate the joy of spring, currently typing this it feels anything but! with the threat of snow on the horizon and those who have visited me knowing all about my little freezing cold office you will understand why this feels a bit weird! But onwards…

I have mixed feelings with regards to January, the first 2 weeks after the excess of Christmas, are always a bit of a whirlwind for us.  You may have the one tree to take down indoors – we have quite a few more than that.  We whizz around London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex and sometimes a little foray into Hampshire! to take down and dismantle all the Christmas Trees, Garlands and Wreaths that have adorned the offices of our corporate clients and the homes of our private clients.  This is the only time of year when my love of all things glittery and shiny lose their sparkle a bit – the workroom has been full of it since October so we can be forgiven to having a bit of an aversion to it by now!

BUT then… we settle back into our routine, the last bauble is packed away and then the gorgeous Wedding clients start emailing and ringing for consultations.  Judging from my inbox this last week some of you have been hugely lucky over Christmas and the New Year with some very cool stories of how the question was ‘popped’.  We really enjoy meeting all of the lucky couples and we strive (very hard!) to produce and create the flowers of your dreams.

As a regional, shortlisted candidate for The Wedding Industry Awards in 2012 we must be doing something right!

I love visiting New Covent Garden Flower Market this time of year, the guys are all back in the swing of things and as it is a little quieter it gives us all a chance to catch up and chat with each other and for me to coo over all the lovely new flowers.

Tulips in all shapes and sizes and colours, must be my one big love.  I adore them, I love it when they are closely tied together in a vase making neat dome shapes and I love it when I leave them to do their own thing, continuing to grow – which I always find amazing (if a little frustrating if the design is for a client!)

  • Narcissi, cute and delicately scented and British grown – always! No cheap imports here.
  • Ranunculus, those mini versions of peonies! rich colours or soft blush shades take your pick.
  • Anemones, delicate and gorgeous with their papery petals reminding us that Summer is coming.
  • Genista, my little under-rated star of Spring, frothy flowers thickly covering long stems with a delicate almond scent.
  • Hyacinths, forget the forced versions for Xmas.  This is when they are at their best.

All the best to you all for 2013….

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