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Share a little floral magic this Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re all about the red roses, or you like to go for something a little different, we’re here to remind you that it’s time to get in touch so that we can make your loved one’s day.

How about this? The Royal Bouquet includes a dozen of the finest long-stemmed ‘Naomi’ roses. Its achingly romantic and is bound to make the right impression.

If your gal or guy (because guys love flowers too!) isn’t a Roses Type then we have many, many beautiful alternatives. The Guilford bouquet, for example, is full of the freshness of spring with a charming blend of tulips and abundant foliage. It is already proving very popular, so make sure you get your order in soon.

There’s nothing like a hand-crafted bouquet from your local florist

With campaigns like Small Business Saturday and Shop Local we’re all increasingly aware of the very direct impact shopping with your local independent traders can have. By spending your hard-earned cash in the local community your money stays local, rather than disappearing off to the central coffers of big business. Your local traders employ people who live down the road from you, they use the accountant from around the corner and the window cleaner whose kids are at the school across the park. And all of those people employ other local people and round it goes.

But that’s not the only benefit… oh no!

If you’ll permit me, I just want to talk briefly about the difference between a hand-tied bouquet from your local independent florist and a supermarket version.

On our recent travels to growers and wholesalers to find the very best blooms we watched a supermarket bouquet production line in action and it was, to be honest, a little bit depressing. The bouquets were put together according to a standard ‘recipe’ using prescribed blooms, wrapped in the same cellophane, efficiently labelled and sent on their way. There was literally no joy or creativity. No love.

Of course, we have Henry Ford to thank for his insights into mass production and the cost-savings and quality improvements that came with his innovations. But does an efficient, cost-effective, standardised product really convey your feelings to the important people in your life? Is that the message you want to send?

Hand-picked, hand-tied – floral perfection

Personally, I would like to think that the bouquet I receive was crafted by someone with talent and training. That the best-looking blooms were picked out and united with complementary flowers and foliage by someone who put a little bit of themselves into every bouquet. I would like to imagine that this bouquet was like no other and that it was made just for me.



At Karen Woolven Flowers this is what we do.

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