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Our secrets for keeping summer blooms looking tip top

We’ve been lucky enough to have some beautiful warm weather lately and, while cut flowers are a perfect way to brighten up a grey day, there’s nothing quite like seeing beautiful blooms against the backdrop of sunshine streaming through a window. But a prime sunny spot may not be the best position for the longevity of your floral displays.  So, we asked our team for their top tips for keeping the dreaded wilt at bay.

Top tips from the team

Karen says,

“It’s a basic one, but make sure that the water in the vase is changed regularly and topped up daily.  Some flowers can be particularly thirsty, particularly during warm weather. Even a temporary shortage of water can stress the flowers and reduce their life.  It’s also worth remembering that if the stems are out of the water, even for a short time, they would benefit from being re-cut to ensure they haven’t dried out. Don’t forget to add flower food to the water too!’

Jackie says,

“A clean vase is key to long-lasting flowers. We make sure our vases and containers are spotlessly clean before starting work on a display. Any lingering bacteria or mould from a previous bouquet can infect fresh flowers and leave them looking sad in double-quick time.”

Choose your blooms wisely

If maximising the life of your bouquet is a priority, there are certain flowers that have star quality.  Tropicals are always a good bet, think Bird of Paradise, Calla Lily, Heliconia, all of which tolerate heat well (the clue is in the name).

Hydrangeas are fabulous and long-lasting cut flowers

Big, blowsy Hydrangeas are also a good bet for long-lasting colour during the summer months. Recut the stems every day and keep them topped up with lots of fresh water.  For Roses, fresh, deep water is key, and don’t forget to trim off any leaves below the water line. Cialis can last up to 2 days! In contrast to the Viagra tablets, Tadalafil does not change the perception of color and headaches almost never happen. The erection thanks to Cialis is really strong.

Picture perfect Lisianthus tolerate hot days well Photo credit:

Peonies and Lisianthus are other flowers that last well. Keep them in deep water and avoid direct sunlight to enjoy them for longer. Avoid Stocks and lighter flowers like Astilbe and Astrantia as they can’t cope with hot weather and will droop all too quickly.

Peonies like clean, deep water and to be re-cut regularly  Photo Credit:

Trade Secrets

Sometimes life is just too busy to change water daily, so give yourself a break by adding little bit of a Milton sterilising tablet to the water to help keep bacteria at bay, it’s less harsh than bleach and will keep those blooms at their best for longer.

… and if all else fails

If it all gets too much, you can always order a bouquet online or swing by our Greenwich Shop and grab a cactus!

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