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Our Tips To Keep Your Orchids Looking Hot!

Our Tips to keep your Orchids looking hot!

Inspired by our recent trip to the Netherlands, here are our top tips for looking after Orchids:

Phalaenopsis Orchids are the most familiar kind of orchid in the UK (and very popular in our online shop) with striking aerial roots and luscious green leaves.  They like light conditions, but not direct sunlight and are sensitive to temperature changes. To keep them looking at their best, mist with water once a week, around the roots.  The roots are aerial, so they take moisture from the air – in their natural habitat they grow in humid tropical forests, nestling in between the branches of trees rather then rooted in the soil of the forest floor.

Do not allow your Phalaenopsis to sit in water – it rots the roots.  Pick off any flower heads as they die back to encourage buds to open.  Once all flowers are spent, cut the stems down by about two thirds and place somewhere warm and light to encourage new growth.
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