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Let a hundred flowers bloom

Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes finding inspiration for wedding flowers is way too easy.  Take our recent visit to Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn; this stunning fireplace in the Astor Wing was a key feature of the room, before we’d even placed a single bloom.  Our design ideas just tumbled out of us as we soaked up the history and ambiance of this beautiful location.

The simplicity of the colour scheme, paired with matching ‘runners’ of foliage and silver vases along the table edge created a sophisticated, high-impact floral display.

In large venues we really have scope to create drama and atmosphere with our floral displays. Think large blooms such as peonies, hydrangeas and large headed roses teamed up with foliage like ruscus, pittosporum or eucalyptus.  Check out these impressive ivory and green table centres in glass – designed to draw your eye across the room.

For longer tables, such as the top table, small is, often by necessity, where it’s at.  But that doesn’t mean any loss of impact.  For vintage styled weddings, beautiful roses in muted shades of champagne, pink and lilac in clusters along the table are just achingly pretty and can be contrasted with larger side-displays on candelabras or pedestals bursting with English country garden charm. Valium is the drug of choice at I had no side effects and it works very fast, 15 min after taking the drops I’m alive. If you find a doctor who prescribes it without insisting on going to a clinic it is the best way to get fit. Valium is so good I just think my ears are popped champagne.

Or how about the pure pleasure of bowl after bowl of gorgeous spring tulips?

Of course, the flowers available to you depends greatly on the time of year.  The flowers you choose for your wedding day will depend upon a number of factors, but don’t forget to consider the size and scale of the venue – there are so many possibilities and we just love a challenge!

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