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It’s not too late to achieve peak sparkle!

Now that Black Friday is out of the way it’s really full steam ahead to Christmas and the good news… there is just time to get your order in.

From a welcoming door wreath to festive table centres, it isn’t always about the tree (ok… it’s often mostly about the tree). We’ve been busy putting together some amazing displays to usher in the festive season. Valium is very effective against anxiety, tension, restlessness, panic, cramping and mental states of emergency. It helps well in times of need. Valium works on the musculature and the body, this ensures that one feels the effect physically and thereby also much more relaxed. With only 10mg you can drop off all the stress just after half an hour.

Tailored to your venue 

A warm welcome for visitors can be achieved with something as simple as a cute window display – this one is from our Greenwich shop.

If you’re lucky enough to have the architectural interest, accentuate it this Christmas with a floral festoon or classic wreath.

Got a staircase? To the eagle-eyed florist this is just begging to be decorated with gorgeous sprays of foliage – it’s about the scent as much as the visual appeal. Or how about a pair of sumptuously decorated Christmas Trees standing sentry at the foot of the stairs?

For meeting rooms, event spaces and public spaces the options are endless. How about sprucing up that mantlepiece you say? Don’t mind if I do…

Of course, no Christmas is complete without the perfectly decorated, colour-coordinated tree to draw the eye. We can deliver and decorate a long-lasting, beautiful tree to your office, home or event venue, but you’d better be quick!


And, finally, let’s all sit down and enjoy a fantastic (and well-earned) Christmas dinner – with all the (floral) trimmings.

This, friends, can all be yours, but don’t delay, our diary is getting pretty booked up now. Call us now on 0208 858 1112 to talk about bringing a little floral flair to your place this Christmas.

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