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Inside, outside and underneath the Cutty Sark

The world’s only surviving tea clipper, the Cutty Sark is, by definition, a unique venue. At Karen Woolven Flowers we are proud to be an approved supplier to Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) who are custodians of this icon of our maritime heritage.

From product launches and promotional events to private parties and fine dining experiences, this beautiful ship from the great age of sail truly inspires our creativity.  The enormous copper-clad hull is an imposing sight in the dock and visitors can’t help but be transported by the romance and drama of the space.

Beneath the hull of the Cutty Sark

From the main deck, the views of the Thames and London beyond are almost as striking as the three towering masts and miles of rigging overhead and, as Hayley Rawle, a member of the Events Team at RMG commented, ‘The Weather Deck comes alive just at sunset, but wait another hour for the moonlight reflected on the Thames and the charm of a city at night’

‘The spaces at the Cutty Sark are so beautiful that the sky’s the limit when it comes to floral displays – from delicate and pretty details to flamboyant displays that shout from the rooftops (or should that be crow’s nest?), the Cutty Sark can carry it off with aplomb” explains Karen.

Diners on the ‘Tween Deck could be forgiven for imagining themselves on the high-seas as she transported tea and other goods from the Far East and Australia. And, just as in the 19th Century, working in such an environment takes real skill and experience as Hayley describes, “All suppliers and organisers have to think on their feet and be able to pull off a complex dance of logistics to start on time. Working with professionals is what it takes, they know what is demanded of them and deliver minor miracles time after time. Karen is flexible and clients feel they get her full attention – she is a real local champion!”

The Tween Deck of the Cutty Sark

The range of events that take place inside, outside and underneath The Cutty Sark is surprising – everything from Silent Discos to the ATP Tennis Awards to comedy from Alan Carr. It’s a truly unforgettable venue and we always get a kick out of working there.

For more information on events at Cutty Sark get in touch with The Events Team at RMG and, for your event flowers, give us a call on 0208 858 1112 or visit us at our Greenwich shop.


Photos of Cutty Sark courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich.


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