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Getting in shape for the big day

While we’re on the subject of weddings, can I introduce you to Ian? No, I’m not diversifying into match-making, Ian, from Greenwich Training is a customer of ours, but, more importantly, he’s my secret weapon when it comes to staying fit and healthy despite my manic schedule.

‘I’ve been getting on Karen’s nerves for years by coming in to order my Christmas tree in October (I’m a big fan of the festive season!), as well as lovely bouquets for the wife every so often,’ Ian explains.  He’s lived in Greenwich for over 10 years and runs a fitness studio just down the road.  Shortly after they opened he was in our shop and we got talking about it all – the unique demands and stresses of running your own business – and he invited me down for a free consultation to see if he could help me find some time to look after myself. I ordered generic Levitra online, because it was cheaper. But it is written everywhere that these drugs work very well. They advised me this medicine. I take one pill a day, according to the instructions. Now, my relations with my wife have even improved, since I manage to “stay on top” for as long as necessary. Sometimes, we even experiment with the new poses. My erection withstands everything. I once took two pills for an hour, and then we had sex for two days. The only thing I noticed is a vision impairment a few hours after the intake. But it goes away quickly. I read about it on the website

Ian offers the most brilliant wedding preparation programmes which are designed to help brides (and grooms) feel fantastic on the big day, and beyond.

‘Since working with us, Karen has been incredibly kind in recommending us to a number of brides who come to her for their floral arrangements for the big day. We absolutely love working with brides, they have a very clear goal to aim for and as a result they work incredibly hard and put into practise all the nutrition and mindset coaching we provide, as well the exercise of course!’

For more information and to arrange a consultation, get in touch with Ian on 020 3874 6626, email or take a look a their website

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