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Need floral design inspiration? 8 to follow on Instagram

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a flower field for the last year or so, you’ll know that the social media platform Instagram has become an amazing source of visual inspiration – including of course flowers and floral design.

When it comes to floristry, everything’s there – from super-creative artists helping us see blooms in new ways, to behind-the-scenes snaps of top floral designers letting us into event-prepping nitty gritty. All presented with sumptuous filters that make lovely flowers look even more gorgeous.

I’ve just started out on Instagram (do follow me for an insider peek on my days in floral design, as well as how I use the many floral props I’ve collected over the years for my event prop hire service). So here’s my top tip: Add these eight floral folk to your feed for a fresh fix of petal magic every day…


1: For glorious colour

tulipina-design-417x420Image c/o Kiana Underwood of

Based in San Francisco, Kiana Underwood runs the boutique floral design studio Tulipina. She brings a technicolour pop to her Instagram feed with bright blooms in different hues, like this beautifully loose wedding bouquet for a lucky spring bride. Plus, Kiana has eclectic ‘old world’ arrangements down to a tee.

Follow her here:


2: For what’s hot in floral design

flowerona-419x420Image c/o Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona

Flower author and writer Rona Wheeldon’s blog, Flowerona, has become a must-visit for anyone in floristry. Not surprisingly, her Instagram feed is just as inviting. Keep an eye out for sumptuous snaps from the latest events, interviews with movers and shakers in the flower world (ahem… she interviewed me here!) and as many compelling behind-the-scenes floral snippets that you can fit on a photo stream.

Follow her here:


3: For simplicity

munsterroseImage c/o Jackie Reisenauer of Munster Rose

Can minimalism and abundant blooms go hand in hand? For Jackie Reisenauer, owner of floral, styling and event design company Munster Rose, it’s a resounding ‘yes’. Follow the Wisconsin-based florist to see how clean white space makes her chosen petals even lovelier. Even more impressive? She takes every single superb snap on a trusty iPhone.

Follow her here:


4: For beautiful backdrops

indeco_flowers-419x420Image c/o Benjamina of Indeco Flowers

I love the everyday textured backdrops London-based Benjamina uses in her photostream. Neat bouquets wrapped in brown paper take their place on a whitewashed staircase, and worn floorboards bring out the pink tones in beautiful handmade flower crowns. You’ll also find flower necklaces, bracelets and headpieces from this talented florist behind Indeco Flowers.

Follow her here:


5: For delightfully offbeat

shotgunfloral-422x420Image c/o Emily Read Bentley of Shot Gun Floral Studio

Has a client ever asked you to adorn cow skulls with flowers? No, me neither. If this did become the case I’d have to take inspiration from the super-creative Californian Emily Read Bentley. The floristry brains behind Shot Gun Floral Studio works all kinds of offbeat and beautiful magic on her fun Instagram page.

Follow her here:


6: For British blooms

julietglaves-421x420Image c/o Juliet Graves of Thoughtful Flowers

I choose British flowers whenever I can (and stock as many as possible at my Greenwich shop), so it’s great to feature a UK grower in this list. Florist Juliet Graves from Thoughtful Flowers grows – and picks – all her flowers and foliage from her farm in Shropshire wherever possible. Sounds idyllic? You bet. Juliet’s Instagram feed talks about being in ‘ranunculous heaven’ and ‘gorgeous clematis in flower’. I think I may have lifestyle envy…

Follow her here:


7: For words and flowers

sophiahsin-419x420Image c/o Sophia Hsin

For a shot of creativity, nothing beats Sophia Hsin’s Instagram feed. Based in Vancouver, photographer Sophia painstakingly spells out words and phrases with single petals and delicate leaves. The effect is amazing – and I’m not sure I’d have the patience for a fraction of what she does!

Follow her here:


8: For running a flower shop

martinandthemagpie-419x420Image c/o Martin Bakker of Martin & the Magpie

Martin Bakker co-owns Martin & the Magpie, a pretty flower shop in Berkshire. His Instagram feed gives a great sense of the lovely aspects of running an independent flower shop: from rows upon rows of bouquets ready to snap up for Mother’s Day, to going wonderfully OTT decorating the shop for Spring, Valentine’s Day and Christmas! Martin also grows his own flowers, which is another reason for a mention.

Follow him here:



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