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Changing Seasons


After the madness of June and July I was hoping for a slightly quieter time to get my head stuck into our Christmas Designs (I know..sorry..!)

We have been known now for quite some time for our wonderful Wedding, Party and Corporate event work.  This work keeps me and the team very busy and occupied most of the time.

However, we also supply weekly floral designs to contracts all over London, and although we may be a little quieter on the event side of things this month, the contracts never stop.  Each Sunday and very, very early (4am early!) Monday sees us in the van mostly through the City of London, bleary eyed, delivering vases of flowers to offices and restaurants.

I believe that first impressions of a business are one of the most important things you can do for your client, we make our mind up about a person we meet for the first time within 3 seconds of meeting them and I believe that the same goes for the first time any of us walk into a reception area of a corporate environment.

Yes, the economy and the doom and gloom mongers are telling us all how bad things are, and I don’t deny for a second that they aren’t as bright and breezy as times were a few years ago, but, being in business myself, I know exactly how first impressions count.  I visit many clients both existing and potentially new throughout the week, it may be my trade, but I notice the reception areas most as this is where I tend to hang around awaiting to see my client, as do all visitors to a reception! …I have lost count of the number of premises I have visited who have either stopped their reception flowers in their entirety to save money, or have swopped from fresh flowers to an orchid plant.  Don’t get me wrong, saving money is no bad thing, but if I see one more dead and sad looking orchid plant I may just scream!!

Fresh flowers and plants may not be top priority to a business looking to cut costs in the current economic climate however, apart from the great impression that they give to visitors, the benefits to staff are numerous.  And these benefits are scientifically proven as well.  There are many studies into the wellbeing of people exposed in a corporate environment to fresh flowers and plants which are well documented.

The benefits to a business on a weekly basis far outweigh the cost of a simple vase of flowers or some fresh plants strategically placed…..with a starting cost of £35, it is a small price to pay for an increase is staff output, lower sickness, better morale and the important first impression that a new client that you may wish to impress gets!

Back onto our weddings and this month we had a lovely wedding for clients who I have been seeing for over a year now, a lovely couple who celebrated their marriage in wonderful style at Queen’s House, Greenwich in a blaze of sunshine and then hot footed it over to The Gun in the Docklands for a fantastic party….followed closely by us to get the flowers transferred from Greenwich to The Docklands before the guests arrived! Battling with the Blackwall Tunnel is never fun but that day we must have been good as we sailed through in record time to install the arrangements before the guests arrived…..always fun trying to make this look seamless!

The same weekend we shot down to The George in Rye in East Sussex, again one of my favourite venues (they all seem to be my favourite for many different reasons!).  A beautiful and elegant wedding was installed in their ballroom with white roses featuring alongside candlelight..always a favourite look to create as it stands the test of time in terms of style longevity.

The weekend of the 13th and 14th of August was again spent mostly in Greenwich (don’t know why I just don’t move there!!)  Queen’s House was again the venue of choice for an elegant civil partnership ceremony on the Saturday with the quirky and original Davy’s Wine Bar featuring as the venue of choice on Sunday, again for another civil partnership ceremony.  Lastly we created some glorious floral garlands for a colourful Indian wedding also on the Sunday.

Weekday weddings are becoming more popular and this month we had a small but beautiful wedding that was held on a Tuesday.  Queen’s House, Greenwich was chosen by the stylish couple to tie the knot in elegant surroundings before taking a stroll through Greenwich Park to celebrate at a restaurant in Blackheath Village.  Antique, vintage shades of cream and cafe crème roses were mingled with soft duck egg blue hydrangea and herbs for a scented and naturally inspired look.

Another wedding that week, this time at the imposing Sundridge Park Manor in Bromley, this is literally just a stones throw from our studio and workroom so this venue is always brilliant for us to get to..just 10 minutes after loading the van we are unloading it again, it’s that close.

As ever the staff here are wonderfully welcoming and helpful, the client requested lots of herbs on this job as her table names were named after some lovely scented varieties and we complied entirely with no arm twisting needed (as you have gathered we love using herbs as foliage here) and rosemary, sage, thyme and lavender were mixed with roses in cream, ivory and lilac.

Shooting over  to The Mayfair hotel in the afternoon we delivered a bouquet of gorgeous English roses in shades of raspberry pink and burnt orange, mixed with blackberries for a very special guest who was staying there….I loved the bouquet so much I nearly didn’t want to deliver it…I could see it looking lovely in my office…!!

We still have another wedding to complete this month…..a medley of cream, ivory and buttermilk shades mixed with soft dusky rose….I am sure this will look as lovely as all the others..

So…..we roll ever nearer to September, one of my favourite months, the seasons change, the nights get darker and the mornings get a little nippier and I start thinking of swopping my ballet pumps for boots…but maybe, just maybe we may get an Indian Summer – here’s hoping!


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