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Bases - Square mirror base

Square mirror base


MIR004: Mirror base – 30cm diameter – £3.00 33 available

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Pedestals and urns - Stone effect pedestal

Stone effect pedestal

Urns and pedestals

PED002: Stone effect pedestal – £24.00 (each) 4 available – 89cm (height) 1 available – 107cm (height)

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tall glass vase

Tall cylinder vase

Clear glass vases

GLA015: Tall cylinder glass vase – 120cm x 15cm (height x width) – £18.00 (each) 48 available

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Battery operated wax candles

Wax candles battery operated

Battery operated candles

CAN001: Battery operated candles – £3.00 (each) 23 available – 12cm (height) 48 available – 15cm (height)

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white vase

White contemporary vase

Coloured glass vases

WH002: Contemporary white vase – 77cm (height) – £13.20 (each) 2 available

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Urns and pedestals - White square pedestal

White square pedestal

Urns and pedestals

PED004: White square pedestal – £24.00 (each) 2 available – 104cm (height) x 30cm sq (footed) 2 available – 107cm (height) x 30cm sq (straight)

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Birdcages and Trees - Stylised white tree

White stylised tree

Birdcages and Trees

BCT001: White stylised tree 140cm (height) – £25.00 (each) x available

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Wrought iron candelabra

Wrought iron candelabra

Candle holders and lanterns

CAN020: 7-arm Wrought iron candelabra – 135cm (height) – £30.00 Candles included. 9 available

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